Trouble Shooting

We suggest you do the check with the wall adapter if there are any problems!

No picture/Blue Screen/Fluctuating pictures

Step 1: Please use the wall adapter to have a try and make sure all the connection is good.

Step 2: Please check if the 4 pins on the cable connector are aligned or if one of the pins are stuck inside.

Step 3: For 200FT/300FT/400FT Cable & Reel, we recommend you to use the test cable to check. Please click how to use the test cable for check.

Step 4: Press the VIDEO button below the LCD screen and see if there are pictures on Video 1 and Video 2

No Recording

Step1. Please stay on Video 2. (Recording could not be made on Video 1)

Step2. Try different USB stick or SD card

Battery Not Charging

Please charge the battery while turning off the button on the battery pack

Remote control Not working 

Please change the battery for the remote control or please operate the remote control while keeping the remote control close to the lights indicators on front panel.

Broken Spring Kit for 3388;3288 & 3488 series

Please follow the instructions to repair.

We have repair centers across the US and Canada. Please contact your sellers or ForBest at 650-757-4786(US) or 905-604-6226 (Canada)if you have any problems directly before shipping out the return.