About Us

As a global leading supplier of testing /inspection equipment and contractor’s tools, Forbest Products Co. is in charge of the operation of our group in North America.

With 25 years of history in electronics industry, we have never stopped products innovation. Over the years, our products lines have been expanded from consumer electronics to industrial electronic equipment including inspection cameras, pipe / cable location systems and testing / measurement devices. They are widely used in plumbing, mechanical, construction and other industries.

We are the first company that has integrated the 3G / 4G wireless technologies into pipe inspection cameras. With this advanced technology, the engineering staff in a remote office worldwide can view the real image / video sent from the jobsite lively and they can communicate with the service person on the jobsite with effective suggestion.

Forbest is now a well-known brand in the related industries. We are currently serving the North American customers from our distribution centers located in California (USA) and Ontario (Canada) with the dedication to providing excellent customer service, high quality products and affordable pricing.