Why Buy ForBest?

Your choice of buying ForBest products is great and sensible! You can understand how ForBest has managed to offer our customers products with highest quality and affordable price from the following facts.

Our Background-Experienced and Professional

We have our own manufacture facility with over 25 years of experience in audio; video; cameras and other electronic products.

Our own professional engineering team specializes in innovation and developing our products. We can react more quickly to the new design in the market and make our products adapt to the customers’ actual demands better. The team also cooperates with other powerful high technology design houses in developing high tech products.

Our Products- Patented and High Quality

We have developed a lot of our own patents. Fiberglass push cable of the pipe inspection camera, which is the strongest cable in the market, is one of the examples.

We purchase best quality components and parts to make our products, such as LCD screen for ForBest cameras are Grade A+. That is why our customers are fascinated with our vivid pictures of the camera when they get it.

Our Price/Cost- Low Cost and Affordable Price

ForBest products have the complete and compact functions for your needs without any extra fancy futile stuff.

We have managed to keep the ratio of price to cost the lowest in the market as we have been seeking reasonable profit margin instead of huge profits. Large output and sales quantity and our long term good business relationship with our suppliers help to keep our production cost very low.

Our Service- Low Pricing and 1 to 2 Day Turnaround

When our customers have any problems with our products, we can promptly help them out within 1 to 2 day turnaround either by replacing the related parts/units with brand new ones or fixing the problem immediately.

We also have the large stock of parts to meet the customer’s demands at any time.

We offer our old customers discount price for the replacement parts. The price is very affordable and our customers will never hesitate to go ahead.

We have two branches located respectively in US and Canada, providing wholesale and retail and doing the repair for our customers at very low cost as well. Many authorized repair centers across the US and Canada provides the convenient and timely service to local customers.