Forbest's Official Buyers Guide: Which Forbest Inspection Camera Should I Buy?

Forbest Products Buyers Guide

Forbest Products Co. offers a wide range of products for inspection and diagnosis with interchangeable parts to ensure your system fits your exact needs. We offer Push Cable Pipe/Pipeline Inspection Cameras, ranging in durable fiberglass push cable length from 30 Ft. to 400 Ft. and diameter of 4.8 mm to 9 mm. Application for pipe sizes from 1" to 36", our cameras are used for sewers, pipes, drains, and more. Our applications are extensive with the flexibility to interchange parts and customize your system to benefit you. From plumbing to trenchless technology, we are here to make your inspection as efficient as possible.

Customize Your Camera

To customize your camera, check out our customize feature here to put together the model that’s right for you. View all product categories here

Pipe Diameter and Distance

Pipe diameter and estimated distance of cable travel will give you a good indication of which camera is best for you. 

  • For 1” - 2” pipelines ranging from 30 Ft. To 100 Ft. distance, ideal for p-traps, check out our systems under Mini Inspection Cameras. Our mini inspection cameras have a diameter of less than 1” and offer enough flexibility to inspect tight spaces and sharp maneuvers.
  • For a 2” - 4” pipeline, ranging from 50 Ft. To 130 Ft. distance, check out our systems under Portable Inspection Cameras. You may recognize some of our portable inspection cameras like our 3188DN by our Forbest signature orange case. These systems have a wide range of applications and are easy to customize to cover all your needs. 
  • For 3” - 6” (Up to 8”) pipelines ranging from 150 Ft. To 200 Ft. in distance, check out our systems under Mid-Range Inspection Cameras.
  • For 4” - 8” pipelines ranging 400 Ft. in distance, check out our systems under Long-Range Inspection Cameras. These cameras work well in sewers and provide beyond sufficient imaging with bright LEDs to illuminate any pipe and a crisp picture to help you pinpoint any issues.
  • For Systems with Pan-Tilt functionality, check out our Pan-Tilt Category Here. Pan and tilt, or Pan-Tilt, functionality allows you to control the movement and position of the lens from a remote location, providing panoramic range imaging and control from 180° to 360°. Our Pan-Tilt systems can be controlled either through the control box or remote.

More information to consider.

C23 Camera Head with Sonde Transmitter for Inspection Camera Forbest Products Do you need a Transmitter on your camera?

Our Sonde Transmitters are built-in to our spring kit to help you locate the camera head during an inspection. Pair with our receiver locator, or any locator with 512 Hz Transmission. Our receiver locator will pinpoint the camera head location by giving off a signal noise, allowing you to inspect with additional accuracy.

Cable & Reel with Meter Counter for Forbest Inspection CameraDo you need a Meter Counter?

A meter counter provides information on how much push cable has been unreeled, providing you with useful information on how deep or far out your camera is during an inspection.

What is a Self-Leveling camera?

Self-Leveling cameras provide an automatic upright image throughout inspection as the camera levels. This feature allows for a fluid inspection.

For questions about Forbest inspection cameras, contact a Forbest Representative by calling 1-877-369-1199 or message us by clicking here.

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