Uncover the Ultimate Inspection Solution: Forbest Products' 3388MT

The 3388MT

With an increasing number of customers seeking dependable inspection cameras, Forbest Products' 3388MT has emerged as a preferred choice over Amazon's cheaper alternatives and expensive novelty systems from famous brands. Trusted by wastewater professionals and tradespeople across North America for over 15 years, the 3388MT stands out for its reliability, versatility, and exceptional performance.

Robust Design for Scheduled Maintenance and Emergencies

The 3388MT is a well-crafted inspection and diagnostic camera that serves as an indispensable tool for both scheduled maintenance and emergency services. Its durability and rugged construction ensure that it can withstand challenging environments and frequent use, making it a reliable companion in demanding situations.

Crystal Clear Imaging and Extended Reach

Designed for mid-to-long-range pipes, the 3388MT boasts a 200 FT durable fiberglass push cable with a footage counter. At the end of the cable sits a spring kit with 512HZ sonde transmitter for tracking and a robust stainless steel 40mm (~1.6”) self-leveling camera head featuring five bright and adjustable LEDs. This combination offers a clear and upright image of hard-to-see spaces within pipes or sewers. The system's 10” LCD monitor, housed in Forbest's classic durable orange hard-shell carrying case, provides easy access to viewing, recording, and imaging capabilities.

Modular and Interchangeable Design

What sets the 3388MT apart from other inspection camera systems is Forbest's unique modular and interchangeable design. Unlike competing brands, where separate systems are required for different jobs, the 3388MT can be customized and expanded based on specific job site needs. This adaptability enables cost savings and boosts efficiency in the field. By simply swapping camera heads or cables, the system can be tailored to fit different inspection requirements.

Efficient Customer Service and Repairs

Forbest prides itself on exceptional customer service, backed by a robust warranty and repair team. Thanks to the system's modular design, downtime is minimized in case of repairs, often with a sub-7-day turnaround. In addition, expedited shipping options are available for customers ordering spare camera heads or cables, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Lifetime Support and Knowledgeable Representatives

Purchasing a Forbest camera comes with a lifetime of support. The company's representatives are knowledgeable and supportive, guiding customers through the selection process and offering assistance whenever needed. With Forbest's commitment to quality service, customers can rely on their inspection camera investment for years to come.

The Forbest Products 3388MT stands out as the go-to solution for reliable and versatile mid-long-range inspections. Offering durability, crystal clear imaging, and a modular design, this inspection camera ensures cost-effective and efficient performance in various job scenarios. With Forbest's exceptional customer service and lifetime support, investing in the 3388MT becomes an easy decision for professionals seeking a dependable and flexible inspection tool. Contact a Forbest representative today to experience the difference firsthand.


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