Guide to Select the Best Sewer Inspection Camera

Guide to Select the Best Sewer Inspection Camera

What Is a Sewer Camera Inspection?
A sewer Inspection camera, a snake-like cable connected to a small, flexible
sewage camera, is a helpful tool for plumbers to utilize instead of excavating the
yard or assuming what the issue is with the sewage line. The Sewer Inspection camera assists homeowners in preventing pricey repairs. A snake-like cable is connected to a small, flexible sewage camera. The plumber will realize where the obstruction is and what has to be done to solve it thanks to a radio transmitter on the camera that records the line's precise location and depth from the ground.

The Advantages of a Sewer Camera Inspection
The emergence of the video camera sewer inspection is one of the considerable and valuable improvements in plumbing technology. A video sewer line inspection is a non-invasive and affordable method of inspecting sewers. Video camera sewer inspections allow you to see the health of your sewer lines in real-time and allow your plumber to detect issues quickly and accurately with your system. Earlier, inspecting a sewer line required digging trenches and destroying landscaping, but now we can use video cameras to detect and stop damage more quickly. Your plumber can detect problems with your drains and sewer lines using video technology, no matter how deep they are.
Video inspections are used to find various sewage system problems. Generally, root intrusion is a plumbing issue that can cause severe leaks or clogs. A video camera sewer inspection can help you determine whether or not you have root intrusion by revealing the exact location of the intrusion and showing precisely where the roots entered your line. Last but not least, camera inspections are a good way to ensure that your sewers are in good condition. This means your sewer's health can simply be tracked by sewer camera inspections. Having problems with your sewer line can have serious consequences for both your health and your property. It is possible to identify potential sewer problems before they become serious and turn into huge wastewater leaks by using video sewer inspection.

Choose the right camera for sewer inspection
There are some tips to consider for selecting the proper camera for sewer inspection based on the project’s needs.

  1. Decide the key feature or characteristics to emphasize.
  • The camera's quality
  • Inspection camera for sewer pipes with an illumination option
  • Materials that are resistant to water and suitable for wet environments and outdoor use
  • Equipped with a lighting option to illuminate the pipe's darkest sections
  • Camera and light chemical-proofing eliminate any damage after being contacted to sewage chemicals.
  • Insertion Probe`s Length 
  • Recording duration of at least 2-4 hours
  • A camera equipped with a radio transmitter for detecting blockages


    2. Select the suitable Length and Diameter

    • The long length of the pipe inspection camera
    • Using a probe camera with an extended lens
    • Tilting and panning capabilities for camera heads
    • Choose a Monitor Hub that Captures and Saves quality images


      3. Choose a Monitor Hub that Captures and Saves quality images

      • Ability to save the images and the precise location of the damage or


      4. Adjustable Pan Tilt for self-leveling

      • Acquiring a straight, undistorted picture within the pipe


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