New Products for Efficient Maintenance and Inspection

Deciding On Our New Products? Keep Pipe Maintenance and Inspection Efficient in 2022


Forbest Products know’s the importance of efficiency. With new products available, we’re fully stocked and ready to ship out the same day. Though our Forbest Representatives are ready to work with you, case by case to ensure you are equipped with the best of our products, we put together this quick guide for your reference.

3188KB & 4188KB

The KB Series is designed to keep your workspace clean. These systems keep inspection simple and efficient by combining Forbest’s recording technology on a 7” or 10” screen with a catch base stainless reel design. The 3188KB and 4188KB fold easily for portability. 

Choose between 3 of Forbest’s KB systems. All systems offered include a footage counter, self-leveling camera heads for an upright image no matter what angle the camera head is at, and a 512 Hz sonde transmitter to pinpoint the exact location of a camera head through frequency transmission.

The 3188KB features a 7” LCD screen, 100Ft of 5.2mm flexible yet durable fiberglass push cable, and Forbest’s C23 23mm self-leveling camera head. Learn more here.

The 4188KB features a 10” LCD screen, 130Ft of 8mm fiberglass push cable, and your choice between a 23mm camera head and a 40mm camera head. Learn more here.



Our 3688HDET camera is made to inspect and check for crucial details with the utmost clarity. A multifunctional control station with push type keyboard for notes includes a top-tier 1080p HD camera. HD camera pans and tilts 360° and 180° and can zoom up to 10X while maintaining HD clarity, giving you insight into maintenance and inspection key attributes.

This system uses 200 Ft. of 9mm fiberglass push cable to get the clearest nondestructive imaging. Fit with a 512 Hz transmitter and a footage counter to pinpoint location and depth accurately. The sturdy transportable design includes 9” Rubber wheels and detachable multifunctional control stations atop the reel platform. Learn more here.

Forbest Products ensures that details of assets do not go amiss. Ensure pipes are fit for their purpose and do not present the risk of failure. Get the image that tells the full picture and gain deeper insight. Check out the chart for more details or Contact Us.


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