Why Should You Conduct a Drain & Sewer Inspection?

As problems can arise over time, a sewer and drain inspection could save you costly repairs down the line, prevent invasive, destructive, and costly repairs, and help you fix a sudden emergency. 

sewer drain pipeline inspection how to why

Pipe Maintenance

Routine maintenance will help avoid emergencies later on. Conducting proactive and routine inspections for water waste infrastructure helps ensure your sewer network is in good working condition and will help identify areas of concern before they become an emergency issue. The sooner you catch something, the less damage there is to repair. Like regular sewer and drain cleanings, inspections are essential to overall maintenance.

Emergency Repairs

Often, sewer inspections are a response to an emergency issue. Sewer inspections offer a non-invasive, relatively low-cost way to diagnose issues to determine the exact cause of the problem so precise repairs can take place right away.

blocked drains in toilets, sinks, or homes can be diagnosed with a pipe inspection camera

The problem may not be as simple as pouring drain cleaner down a pipe. One in five homeowners run into major problems with their wastewater systems. A drain or pipeline inspection will diagnose why water may be getting backed up in the sink or toilet without having to open up areas around it. Soon-to-be homeowners often overlook the benefit of a drain, sewer, and pipe inspection before purchasing a house and find costly repairs and issues down the line, after purchase.

A city sewer system or private sewer (septic system) and all connecting branches are sanitary drains that can run into major emergencies like water main breaks and sewer backups. An inspection provides high-quality visual data without having to physically enter the sewer. This information is essential to get a scope of the issue at hand. A sewer inspection will help fix emergencies quickly and efficiently.

As pipelines, drains, and sewers require maintenance, a sewer and drain inspection camera is essential for inspection and diagnosis. Whether you are tending to household repairs and maintenance or city sewer systems, a camera inspection will provide you with essential data for wastewater and sewer systems.

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